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Worried about the level of risk your tree might be posing, or just curious about its overall health?

We can systematically assess your tree and give you a good idea what your level of risk is as well as options for mitigating unacceptable levels of risk. We can also diagnose health problems and recommend treatment options.

Diagnosis can be straight forward, or it can be an ongoing process of elimination. Many situations can be appropriately managed based on our initial diagnostic services. We offer this initial consultation for a fee of $35. If an initial examination reveals a need for further plant sample or soil testing, prices will be discussed in advance. We don’t like being surprised, so we don’t ever want to surprise our clients either.

A very large majority of tree health problems are caused by abiotic (non-living, e.g. soil compaction) factors and can be addressed by modifying the unfavorable condition(s).