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Trees that are brought into a domestic environment will require some routine maintenance to insure safety and longevity.


Standard objectives of pruning include: increasing your safety, optimizing the tree’s health, and improving aesthetics. An over-emphasis on any one objective may compromise any or all of the others. For example, if you are so concerned about safety that you opt to remove half of the tree nearest your house, you will compromise both the health and the aesthetics of the tree.


As professionals, we will evaluate your concerns and recommend a suitable, cost effective plan of action. This goes for any size, age, and location of tree.


“My tree is getting too big, I need you to take the top out of it.” It is very common for us to hear this request. Anyone who is very familiar with the industry will know that ‘topping” is a no-no. Learn more about why we don’t perform or recommend topping on our Pruning Definitions and Descriptions page.